Hongsuk Benjamin Choi

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ML Research Engineer

I am currently an ML Research Engineer in Samsung Robotics AI center, New York. Please refer to my CV for more information! CV

Email: redstonepo@gmail.com
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Research Interests

3D comptuer vision related to motion capture, human hand & body reconstruction, and robotics.

Publications (Selected)

MonoNHR: Monocular Neural Human Renderer
Hongsuk Choi (*), Gyeongsik Moon (*), Matthieu Armando, Vincent Leroy, Kyoung Mu Lee, Gregory Rogez (* equal contribution)
In 3DV 2022

HandOccNet: Occlusion-Robust 3D Hand Mesh Estimation Network
JoonKyu Park (*), Yeonguk Oh (*), Gyeongsik Moon (*), Hongsuk Choi, Kyoung Mu Lee (* equal contribution)
In CVPR 2022

Learning to Estimate Robust 3D Human Mesh from In-the-Wild Crowded Scenes
Hongsuk Choi, Gyeongsik Moon, JoonKyu Park, Kyoung Mu Lee
In CVPR 2022

Accurate 3D Hand Pose Estimation for Whole-Body 3D Human Mesh Estimation
Gyeongsik Moon, Hongsuk Choi, Kyoung Mu Lee
In CVPRW 2022

NeuralAnnot: Neural Annotator for 3D Human Mesh Training Sets
Gyeongsik Moon, Hongsuk Choi, Kyoung Mu Lee
In CVPRW 2022

Beyond Static Features for Temporally Consistent 3D Human Pose and Shape from a Video
Hongsuk Choi, Gyeongsik Moon, Ju Yong Chang, Kyoung Mu Lee
In CVPR 2021

Pose2Mesh: Graph Convolutional Network for 3D Human Pose and Mesh Recovery from a 2D Human Pose
Hongsuk Choi (*), Gyeongsik Moon (*) , Kyoung Mu Lee (* equal contribution)
In ECCV 2020


SNU Distinguished Master Dissertation Award (2022)

1st place and 2nd place at the 3D human pose estimation in the wild (3DPW) challenge of a without association track in joint orientation and position metrics, respectively
(workshop in conjunction with ECCV 2020)

Qualcomm IT Tour 2019 presentation competition 1st place (2019)



ML research engineer, Samsung Research America, New York, NY, USA
(Jun. 2022 - present)

Visiting Researcher, Naver CLOVA AI Lab, Seoul, Korea
(Mar. 2022 - May. 2022)

Research Intern, Naver Labs Europe (NLE), Grenoble, France
(April. 2021 - Oct. 2021)

M.S., ECE, Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, Korea
(Mar. 2020 - Feb. 2022)

Repulic of Korea Airforce (ROKA), Gyeryong, Korea
(Mar. 2015 - Mar. 2017)

B.S., Business, CSE, Seoul National University (SNU), Seoul, Korea
(Mar. 2013 - Feb. 2020)